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Deploy runner with kubernetes


  • A running Kubernetes cluster
  • Helm installed locally
  • Kubectl installed locally

Brainboard provides a Helm chart to deploy the runner in your existing Kubernetes cluster.

The Helm chart is available in our public chart repository.

You will need to add the Brainboard chart repository in order to install the chart:

helm repo add brainboard


In order for the runner to enroll with your organization, you will need to provide the private self-hosted runner token you generated from the Brainboard settings page.

You can install the runner with the following command:

helm install runner brainboard/brainboard-runner --set config.credentials.token="your-runner-token"

You can view all available configuration options in the chart github repository

Register runner with your organization

Once your runner is started, you will need to register it with your organization. To do so, open a terminal inside the runner container (see below) and run the following command:

/brainboard-runner register

This operation only needs to be done once, when the runner is started for the first time.


To open a terminal inside the runner container, use the following command:

POD_NAME=$(kubectl get po -l -o=name)
kubectl exec -ti ${POD_NAME} -c runner -- sh

If you want to see the logs, you can run this command:

kubectl logs -l -c runner