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Brainboard support 🤝

While using Brainboard

When you are using Brainboard, you can reach out to us in real time by clicking on the button Ask us anything in the top right corner. One of our team members will reply to answer your questions or help you on any technical topic.

Ask us anything


We added this feature to allow you go faster when you are building your cloud infrastructures. We love talking to our users, just ping us there 😍

Technical questions

If you prefer emails (asynchronous communication) or if you want to schedule a call to help you on a specific technical topic, you can reach out to our technical team at [email protected].

One of our cloud architects will help you.

Access our security reports

To request access to our security reports like SOC 2 Type II, use this portal.

Your account manager or sales representative will approve your request, otherwise, the team will reach out to you before approval.

Report security issues

To report a security issue, reach out to our security team at [email protected].

Request a feature

To request a new feature or see what the community have requested, check our public roadmap.

Request a demo

To request a demo of Brainboard, reach out to our sales team at [email protected]