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Fast track ⏱️

1. Create an account

Register here to create your account. You can sign up with your Google or Microsoft login.

2. Create a new architecture

  • Click on the plus button in the top left part.
  • Select Blank option.

Create a new architecture

3. Add cloud resources

Drag and drop cloud resources from the leftbar to the design area to build your architecture. Customize the cloud configuration of the resources


Configure the resources


Configure the resources

4. Auto-generate the Terraform code

See the auto-generated Terraform code on the right pane.

Code for Azure resource

Terraform code Azure

Code for AWS resource

Terraform code AWS

We support providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP and more.

5. Add you cloud credentials

Add your preferred cloud provider credentials into Brainboard here.

CP creds

Here are examples for AWS and Azure.

AWS creds Azure creds

6. Trigger a plan

After adding your cloud credentials, you can trigger the Terraform plan directly from the design area and get the output in real time.

Trigger plan

In place output

You see the output of the plan in the design area, in the tab next to the Terraform code: Plan output

Deploy view output

You can also go the deploy view to have a bigger output in the deploy view: Plan output