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At Brainboard, our unwavering commitment lies in supporting and empowering cloud architects, DevOps professionals, platform engineers, SREs, and technical managers in their efforts to collaboratively build secure, scalable, and controllable cloud infrastructures. We recognize the critical importance of these roles in ensuring the success of cloud-based initiatives.


The free plan allows you to visually build cloud infrastructure and/or learn IaC and the cloud in an efficient and effective way at no cost. It is best suited for individual users who are exploring on their own. Features include:


The Pro plan follows a self-serve model, allowing you to begin with a smaller scale and expand as your team grows. It is particularly suitable for companies that are either migrating to Terraform or aiming to scale and standardize their IaC best practices. When you sign up for Brainboard, your account is automatically assigned a 21-day free trial. During this trial period, you will have access to all Brainboard features, including:


The Enterprise plan is designed to meet the needs of organizations that are scaling their processes. Brainboard's Enterprise option allows you to:

We take onboarding to Brainboard very seriously and it comes with benefits:

  • Audit Logs
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Terraform training packages
  • Terraform migration assistance
  • Private onboarding
  • Dedicated support via Slack or Microsoft Teams

To explore this option, we recommend reaching out to our sales team at [email protected]. They will assist you in selecting the appropriate configuration based on your requirements.

Upgrade your plan

To upgrade from Free to Pro plan:

  1. Go to the billing page
  2. In the starter column, click on Upgrade to this plan
  3. You'll be redirected into our billing page where you need to enter your payment method and chose either monthly payment or the annual plan
  4. Once validated, you'll be automatically upgraded to the Pro plan. If you don't see the changes instantly, just refresh your browser and it should work.

To upgrade to enterprise plan, please reach out to our sales team at: [email protected] to better understand your needs, discuss the options with you and help you chose the best configuration.

We are also available on the Live Chat in-app!


Only the owner of the organization can upgrade/manage the billing.

Downgrade your plan

To downgrade your plan, please reach out to our support team either in the app or email us at: [email protected].