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Versioning 🗃️


Brainboard provides a native versioning mechanism that allows you to keep track of every modification you do and rollback or go to any specific point-in-time snapshot.

Components of a version

When you create a version, Brainboard saves the following information:

  • The architecture: everything in the design area.
    • The Terraform code is automatically generated in a predictable way for any version.
  • The version of the cloud provider selected to create the architecture.
  • Variables.
  • Output.
  • The Readme file.
  • The structure of the Terraform files.
  • Timestamp in UTC when the version is created.
  • The person who created the version.
  • The commit message.

Create a version

To create a version of your architecture:

  1. Click on Create new version button in the options bar: Create new version
  2. Write a description of the version in the versioning window that will open.
  3. Click on Commit to create the new version.

When you create a new version, if there is no changes between the current version and the new one, you'll receive this message:

No changes message

Checkout a version

To checkout any version you create:

  1. Click on Show versions button in the options bar: Show versions
  2. Click on the line of the version you want to open:
  • Brainboard versions are immutable snapshot of your infrastructure. You cannot delete them.
  • You can checkout any version and work on it without altering the history of the versioning.
  • When you clone an architecture or create a template from it, its versions will be cloned with it.
  • When you check out a version, both the diagram and the Terraform code will be update.