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Terraform registry credentials 🪪

In order to import Terraform modules from a private registry, you need to provide the credentials to access the registry.

Registry credentials used by Terraform require two information:

  • The hostname of your private registry
  • The token used to authenticate with the registry

To add a new registry credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Registry credentials page.
  2. Click on New credentials and set the credentials information in the displayed window: Registry credentials
    • Name: Name of the credential
    • Host: Terraform registry hostname
    • Token: Terraform registry token
    • Scope:
      • Organization: credentials will be available to all users in the organization
    • User (myself): credentials will be available only to you

      Credentials scope can only be set at creation. You will not be able to change credentials scope after creation.

  3. Click on create to store your credential