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Use modules ✓

To use a module in your Terraform configuration in Brainboard, you can use the black box module and add it to your schema by dragging and dropping it into the design.

You also need to specify the values for the variables defined in the module.

As an example, we will use a module for naming conventions. This module helps you to keep consistency on your resources names for Terraform. The goal of this module is to easily provide a name for each resource that requires a name in Terraform following the best practices.

  1. Drag and drop the module into your schema and open the card id of the module.

    Use module


    The card id of the module with have all the information for the input and the attributes that the module needs in order to be used properly as designed.

    In the card id of the module you can specify also the version that you want to use for this module and extra attributes.

  2. After you finish with this step, the module is ready to be used in your terraform configuration.

  3. Open a resource and use the module to generate the name of the resource. The syntax is module.module_name.resource_type.[name, name_unique]

    Call module